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* All materials updated for 7/1/2014 changes to the MBLEx *
  • Study Guide and Body Charts

    Get an overview of the exam material in a clear, easy to read format

  • 2300 Practice Questions

    Focus on your weak spots with category specific quizzes

  • Unlimited Exam Simulations

    Get a feel for the pace of the MBLEx by simulating the real thing

  • 250 Kinesiology Flashcards

    Strengthen your recall of Origin/Insertions and Muscle Actions

  • Personal Consultation and Support

    When you get stuck, I’m here to help

  • Bonus #1: Fill-In-The-Blank Study Guide

    Use memory recall to further sharpen your knowledge of the exam material

  • Bonus #2: Exam Prep Checklist

    The exam is stressful enough, remove any added anxiety about your test date

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* Updated for 7/1/2014 changes to the MBLEx! *

MBLEx Study Guide and Body Charts

Get an overview of the exam material in a clear, easy to read format.

This 130 page study guide is a great refresher for exam candidates who have been out of school for a while.

Recent massage school candidates can reaffirm their knowledge and boost their confidence going into the exam.

Bonus! Fill-In-The-Blank Copies

One of the best ways to remember something important is to write it down.

With that in mind, I have created a copy of the study guide with key information missing.

You may fill in the form fields at your computer, or print out the guide and write in your answers.

The Study Guide and Fill-In-The-Blank Copy are downloadable PDF’s, and are yours to keep after your membership expires.

2300 Practice Questions

The practice questions are broken down into the categories present on the MBLEx.

So if you are comfortable with your knowledge of Kinesiology but feel a little rusty on Client Assessment, you can focus your efforts where needed most.

The database of practice questions is broken down into the following MBLEx categories:

Anatomy & Physiology: 603 questions

Kinesiology: 265 questions

Pathology, Contradictions, Areas of Caution, Special Populations: 368 questions

Benefits and Physiological Effects of Techniques that Manipulate Soft Tissue: 202 questions

Client Assessment, Reassessment & Treatment Planning: 187 questions

Overview of Massage & Bodywork History/Culture/Modalities: 111 questions

Ethics, Boundaries, Laws, Regulations: 134 questions

Guidelines For Professional Practice: 184 question

Medical Terminology Review: 235 questions

Each category has a 20-25 question quiz that will randomly pull questions from the category database, so you never get the same quiz twice.

Exam Simulator

One of the greatest sources of anxiety is uncertainty.

Get a feel for the pace of the MBLEx with this simulation.

How much better would you feel going into your exam if you already knew what answering 100 questions in 2 hours felt like?

The exam simulations do exactly that, simulate the real thing.

  • 100 Questions
  • 120 Minute Time Limit
  • Number of Questions per Category Match the MBLEx

Because questions are randomly pulled from the category databases, you can take an unlimited number of Exam Simulations.

Your exam report will be available after completion, as well as emailed to you, to review your performance.

Simply put, I’m confident the Exam Simulator will do more to alleviate anxiety and bolster confidence than anything else you do to prepare for your exam.

250 Kinesiology Flashcards

A common problem area for students is memorizing actions and origin/insertions of muscles.

Flashcards are an effective memory aid tool, because they use active recall and give instant feedback.

  • 200 Origin/Insertion Flashcards
  • 50 Muscle Action Flashcards

Go through the cards and mark those that are giving you trouble. The selected cards will create a custom set that you can focus your attention on.

Consultation and Support

Everybody gets stuck from time to time.

If you run into a section that is getting the best of you, send me a quick email, and we’ll work together to ensure you are feeling confident by test day.

Bonus! Exam Prep Checklist

I’ve created a step-by-step checklist to walk you through the exam process:

  • How to Apply for Your Exam
  • Scheduling Your Exam
  • What You Need for Test Day

Use this checklist to breeze through the exam process and ensure you are prepared for test day.

Subscription Levels

45 Day Access

Need a quick review to reaffirm your knowledge and boost your confidence?

Glance over the study guide to find any areas of weakness.

Brush up on those weak spots with topical practice questions.

Take advantage of the Exam Simulations to get a feel for test day.

90 Day Access

For students who would like a comprehensive review of the exam material.

Maybe you’ve been out of the massage field awhile and are ready to get re-licensed.

Perhaps you were grandfathered into licensure years ago, but are now moving to a state that requires a massage exam.

Maybe you’re even a recent graduate but feel pretty shaky about certain areas of the exam, like Anatomy and Physiology, for example.

I really feel 3 months of prep time is adequate for almost any student to review all of the exam material, strengthen any areas of weakness, and feel confident going into their exam.

Ultimately, only you can decide how much time you need to prepare.

If you don’t feel you need to re-learn a good amount of material, I urge you to push yourself forward at a quicker pace.

Let’s Talk Guarantees

Money Back Guarantee 100%


My expectation for this service is to provide you the best possible study material for your massage exam. But sometimes the expectations of two different people don’t align.

If you start digging into the prep material and it just doesn’t feel like the right study package for you, please let me know.

If the service doesn’t meet your expectations, I’d be happy to give you your money back.

Pass Guarantee

Of the 600+ future LMT’s to use this service, 17 people have let me know they didn’t pass their exam.

If you happen to fail the MBLEx, I want to hear from you.

Not only will I extend your membership for FREE, but we can discuss what went wrong and I can help you re-focus your efforts.

What Members Are Saying

I just wanted to personally thank you for creating that wonderful MBLEx study guide! I took my test yesterday and passed beyond passing score!

Before I purchased your study guide, I had taken the NCETMB twice. I didn’t want to risk failing the national test again so I decided to take the MBLEx my third time. That’s when I found your lovely website.

The study guide was straight forward and so much more useful than my previous study guide experience. I even printed out the guide for future reference.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for helping me pass and start my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Emily N.
Hello Ivy, I found your study guide extremely helpful and I believe it is the reason why I passed the MBLEx exam.
Marlin G.

Ivy! Wanted to let you know after being out of massage school since the late 1990’s and moving to a state that requires the MBLEX in 2013, I was stressed…

I passed the MBLEx today. 85% thanks to you and the 3 month refresher course. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Michele C.

I studied the study guide and took multiple MBLEX simulators daily. I passed the MBLEX my first time because of this site. I did what your site recommended, about an hour a day. Even on the test I may not have heard of some things in the questions but from studying the book and taking the practice tests I could easily eliminate every one except for the answer.

I am telling everyone in my class to take advantage of this site. Thank you so much! This site prepared me for every single question!

Courtney G.

I recently took the MBLEx after a few weeks of using your website as a study resource. I went into the test feeling well-prepared and confident in a large part due to the materials on your website. I came out with a score of 822. Thanks so much for providing such helpful and relevant materials. I highly recommend Massage Exam Academy to anyone who is preparing for the MBLEx exam.

Thanks much!

Bruce W.


I thought for sure I was going to fail… I was like 10 questions in and nothing was making sense, stuff I never saw before but then it all came together. I was able to use process of elimination on a lot of the questions. Your study material definitely helped, I would have never been able to pass without it.

Thanks for all your help over the last couple months, I graduated 9 yrs ago, and just passed first try… unreal.

John W.

Hey! I actually took the test at 12:15 today and passed!!!

I really loved your website it broke things down for the A.D.D impaired like myself. I was having difficulty with other sites and study ideas. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed with your exam prep. Thank you!


Thank you! I passed my MBLEx exam with the help of your study guides and quizzes. The format of your quiz questions are very on point to what the actual exam is like.

I cannot thank you enough for the awesome information!

Holly K.

The program has a vast variety of information that we can use. The manual was an excellent resource. I personally printed out the manual and studied all the sections. The anatomy section and physiology section was very useful. The muscle section in regards to origins and insertions was very useful as well.

Danny P.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which licensing exam should I take?

As of 11/1/2014, the NCBTMB will no longer administer an entry level licensing exam. This means the MBLEx will be the only licensing exam available in most states.

I have always been impressed with the simplicity of the MBLEx. On the FSTMB’s FAQ page, they simply and thoroughly state their case why the MBLEx is currently the best exam for the massage profession. You can check out their FAQ right here.

I’ve been out of massage school for so long! Is it possible for me to pass?

You are eligible to take the MBLEx before you finish massage training, or years later.

If you have been out of school for a while, it is easy to be intimidated by the thought of “relearning” everything from massage school.

It may take you a few months to prepare, but do not let your extended time off keep you from a career in massage.

I already failed once. What can I do to pass this time?

Check out this page to learn about the things we can do to make sure you pass your exam on this attempt.

Are these practice questions from the MBLEx?

The FSMTB does not release the questions from the MBLEx, and at the time of your exam, you must agree not to share the questions with anyone. Therefore, no exam prep service or study guide has the exact questions from the MBLEx.

The practice questions on Massage Exam Academy are taken from materials on the MBLEx Reference List released by FSMTB and other massage therapy resources.

Is this study material up to date for the current MBLEx?

Yes. As changes are released for the MBLEx, I make necessary updates to the study guide, practice quizzes and exam simulator.

The MBLEx changed slightly on 7/1/2014, reducing the number of questions and the exam time limit, and also altered the category percentage breakdown. The Exam Simulator and Study Guide has been updated to reflect these changes.

Will I be able to use my mobile phone or tablet with this site?

Yes. Massage Exam Academy is mobile responsive, enabling you to effectively use the practice quizzes and exam simulator on your mobile device.

Mac/iPad/iPhone users: The privacy settings in your Safari browser may conflict with the quiz provider service. If you receive a blank screen instead of an exam report after completing a practice quiz, you will need to use a different browser. Free Downloads of Chrome or Firefox are available here.

Read More FAQ’s Here

Take A Test Drive

Want to take a peak at what you’re getting before jumping in? Below is the category quiz for Overview of Massage and Bodywork History/Culture/Modalities, which makes up 5% (about 6 questions) of the MBLEx.

This Category Quiz contains 10 questions, pulled randomly from a database of 100+ questions.

Feel free to take this quiz as many times as you like.

If you would like to receive an email of your score report, fill out your name and email address before taking the quiz.

If you receive a blank screen instead of a score report after finishing your quiz, click here.

The sooner you begin studying, the more prepared you will be.

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